Samsung's new monster tablet has an insane screen

The Samsung Galaxy View is a big, big tablet

You know what's wrong with tablets at the moment? They're just too small. What you need is MORE TABLET - and that's exactly what the Samsung Galaxy View gives you.

At 18.4 inches the screen on the Samsung Galaxy View is big, really big. Considering the full size iPads rock 9.7-inch displays, the fact Samsung has seen fit to double that is slightly baffling.

Unsurprisingly Samsung is singing the View's praises when it comes to video playback, billing it as "a new dimension in mobile entertainment."

With dimensions of 451.8 x 275.8 x 11.9mm this is a sizeable beast, and considering it also weights 2.65kg you won't want to be the one left holding it.

Pick me up

Thankfully the Galaxy View comes with a built in stand (and carry handle!), allowing you to easily sit it on a table or side in your home, saving your wrists from snapping.

In terms of a Galaxy View release date and price, we're still waiting to hear from Samsung, but it's safe to assume this slate won't come cheap.