Score a free Samsung TV with Telstra's Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 pre-order offer

Pre-order a new Galaxy Z phone with Telstra today and get yourself a TV valued at AU$949 for FREE

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
(Image credit: Samsung)

It's been a long time coming, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 have finally been revealed. And they were made available for pre-order at 2am AEST today (August 12). 

While telcos will no doubt be battling it out to create the best deal over the coming months, we reckon Telstra has the best pre-order offer for these new-era handsets. 

When you sign up for one of Telstra's eligible plans with a Fold 3 or Flip 3, they'll throw in a 43-inch Samsung 4K smart TV for nothing. That's right, you'll get a TV valued at AU$949 for FREE. 

How to land this deal

In order to be eligible for the offer, you’ll need to pair a Flip 3 or Fold 3 with Telstra's Medium plan as a minimum. Any plan above that will also make you eligible, but unfortunately Telstra's Small plan isn't included in the offer. 

If you meet that criteria, you'll get yourself a free Samsung 43-inch AU8000 Crystal UHD TV. It's one of Samsung's cheapest models, but at AU$949, it's nothing to turn your nose up at.

This pre-order deal is exclusive to Telstra, who are giving you until September 9 this year to make the most of it. And while we think this is the best deal out there right now, if you do find a cheaper deal on one of the new phones elsewhere, take advantage of Telstra’s seven day price match. Just be sure to redeem the TV before October 15 and provide proof of purchase.

What you should expect to pay

You'll pick up a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Flip 3 for less than the original retail price of their predecessors. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will hit shelves at AU$2,499 for the 256GB model, or AU$2,649 for the 512GB version. So when you pair that with Telstra’s Medium plan, you should expect to pay a  minimum of AU$169.13 a month for a 24-month contract.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, on the other hand, will cost you considerably less. It starts at AU$1,499 for the 128GB option or AU$1,599 for the larger 256GB version. When you sign up to theTelstra Medium plan, the minimum  you’ll pay is AU$127.46 a month for the duration of a 24-month contract.