Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 official video leaks – what Samsung didn't want us to see yet

Watch the official Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 launch video now

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Z Flip 3
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are both slated for official unveiling this week at the South Korean maker's latest Unpacked event.

However, the grand unveiling for both phones has just been well and truly ruined, with the official launch video for both phones leaked online ahead of the event.

The video, which was - wait for it! - leaked by Samsung's own official Malaysia Twitter account, who appears to accidentally have published it early, shows both the anticipated foldable phones in full and leaves nothing to the imagination.

The video is the full exposure that Samsung clearly had been keeping for its big Unpacked event, and now that has been well and truly blown. It sure looks like someone is going to get fired!

The video was, of course, taken down almost immediately, but that didn't stop a resourceful Reddit user from quickly capturing it and re-posting it online, where it can now be watched in full.

The video is 33 seconds long and shows the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 in full. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is advertised as coming with a "Bigger, versatile Cover Screen", while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is advertised as delivering the "Ultimate S Pen experience". Both phones are shown touching water, too, indicating that they have an IP65 waterproof rating or at least some sort of water resistance, and both handsets are stated on the video to be "Our toughest foldables yet".

The video closes with both phones shown again in full and the viewer invited to "Pre-order now" at this web address:

In my opinion, though, while this video is great in the sense that it finally shows us both of these handsets officially and from every angle (and they do look like upgrades over the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Flip 2), I can't help feel that this video leak is just the cherry on top of the cake of the pre-release leaks we've seen over the past six months.

There is literally nothing we don't now know about these two phones, maybe apart from a definite, officially confirmed price, and while that's good in one sense it really does seem to render tomorrow's Unpacked event moot. I also wonder just how Samsung Malaysia could of accidentally leaked such a video? I mean, did some employee just have their finger on the button and go "whoops!".

Regardless, what I think all phone users are hoping, as I wrote about recently, is that both phones are actually priced in a way that they become feasible for a lot more people, as up until now folding phones have been prohibitively expensive, even on contract. Here's hoping, then, we see the price of both fall from last generation's models.

At least that's a reason to tune in to Samsung Unpacked tomorrow, which naturally T3 will be reporting on live, so be sure to tune back in then.

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