Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G gets performance boost to finish off Motorola Razr

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G just got a big upgrade, and it looks like it is game over for the Motorola Razr

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Motorola Razr
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G may not be the most intriguing part of the Korean firm’s upcoming Unpacked event (that honor falls to the Galaxy Note 20), but it just got a whole lot more interesting.

While we were expecting the same old phone with 5G connectivity – welcome, but not exactly essential in a world where coverage is still pretty patchy – it appears the phone is getting a bit of a speed boost too.

A listing for the SM-F707B has appeared on the Geekbench browser, and we know that’s the model number for the Z Flip 5G. But while we were expecting the Galaxy Z Flip 5G to pack the same Snapdragon 855+ chip as its LTE sibling, the Geekbench listing refers to the chip as an “ARM implementer 65 architecture 8 variant 1 part 3341 revision 0”. It doesn’t take much digging around the site to see that that’s the same description that appears on phones with the Snapdragon 865 chip, like the OnePlus 8 Pro and, indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S20.  

Make no mistake, that’s an important upgrade. While Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ chip is no slouch, it will be a year old when the Z Flip 5G goes on sale, meaning the phone could feel a bit long in the tooth by the end of a two-year contract. Backed by 8GB RAM, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will certainly be a powerful phone for years to come.

It also absolutely demolishes the spec of Motorola Razr, which is now appears to be in its death throes, with its price being slashed massively due to disappointing reviews.

The flip side of this good news, of course, is that this means Samsung could justify a big price increase. And given that the original Galaxy Z Flip sold for $1350 when it arrived earlier this year, you’re probably best off mentally preparing you and your wallet for the worst.

We have a bit of a wait until we know for sure. Currently Samsung is planning its next Unpacked event for August 5, where we expect to see the Z Flip 5G alongside the Galaxy Fold 2, the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Note 20. Watch this space.