Samsung Galaxy Watch users just got a brilliant free camera upgrade

Users can now control even more camera actions from their wrist

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you're in the market for a smartwatch, but don't fancy picking up an Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is likely near the top of your list. The Korean tech giants have a stellar reputation thanks to years of producing fantastic Android phones and have used that experience to build a host of sublime wristwear, too.

And great news – users of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 just got a brilliant upgrade. They'll now be able to control even more camera actions on their Samsung Galaxy phone directly from the watch.

The update – found on firmware version R900XXU1AWA3 – brings control over zoom to the watch camera controller. Users can either pinch the screen or rotate the bezel on their watch to zoom in and out. That comes in addition to the viewfinder and shutter release capabilities that were already possible.

It's worth noting that the feature is only available when paired with a Samsung Galaxy phone – bad news for users who pair a Galaxy watch with a handset from a different brand.

For an all-Samsung ecosystem, though, its a great upgrade. Being able to control your phones camera functionality from your watch opens up new realms of creative possibility. Everything from getting into the shot, to making adjustments without needing to touch your phone – and potentially disturb your composition! – is possible.

As ever with Samsung roll-outs, don't panic if you haven't got access right away. The release will be gradually unveiled across devices, usually over a period of a few days and weeks. 

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