Samsung Galaxy Watch owners just got a useful free Wear OS upgrade

The Material You Wear OS redesign for Google Keep is now unlocked on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch running Wear OS
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Great news for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 owners comes courtesy of Google, which has just rolled out an upgraded version of Google Keep on the South Korean firm's best smartwatches.

The new version of Google Keep is such a notable upgrade as it features Google's new Material You user interface design language, meaning that how the UI looks and functions on the Wear OS devices is now better and more intuitive.

As reported by 9to5Google, this Material You redesign of Google Keep means that everything is more compact, with Galaxy Watch owners now capable of viewing two notes instead of one on screen, while there are now new, colorful, pill-shaped buttons that make it easier and quicker to create notes or lists.

In a Google Keep note Galaxy Watch users can now see more text on screen at one time, too, making it easier to read quicker.

The upgraded version of Google Keep with the Material You redesign is delivered in app version 5.22.342.03.97 and can be grabbed now via the Play Store.

Google Keep running on a Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch

(Image credit: Google)

The T3 take: productivity taken to the next level

Google Keep for Wear OS is one of the most useful apps for taking notes, recording audio files and creating lists, so the fact that this new version upgrades its UI design language to make it easier and better to use is really welcome.

Outside of Apple's all-conquering smartwatches, Wear OS rivals such as Samsung's Galaxy range offer people the best experience on the market in my opinion, and the Galaxy Watch 4 and brand new Galaxy Watch 5 are the foremost among them.

And now creating and viewing notes on those smartwatches are easier than ever. A good example of how this is useful is when going shopping, where a shopping list can be created in advance on phone or tablet, only then to be viewable right there on your wrist as you push the trolley around the store. With this new Material You UI upgrade Galaxy Watch owners will be able to see more items on their smartwatch screen at any one time.

A practical and productivity-orientated upgrade, then, but one that I think will help Samsung Galaxy Watch owners worldwide. Thanks Google!

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