Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 appears online and could arrive next month

A previously unused model number has broken cover online

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 appears online and could arrive next month
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is reportedly working on a new Galaxy smartwatch to take on the Apple Watch, but for now, the wearable remains shrouded in mystery.

According to Galaxy Club, the new smartwatch has the model number SM-R840. This fits in neatly with Samsung’s previous smartwatch model numbers, which include the SM-R800, which was used to refer to the original Samsung Galaxy Watch before it launched in the summer of 2018.

Since then, Samsung has broadened its wearable portfolio with the sport-focused Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2. With the latter only launching in September 2019, it seems unlikely that Samsung is already preparing its predecessor.

As such, we’re more inclined to believe that the SM-R840 is a new version of the Galaxy Watch, likely to be called the Galaxy Watch 2, and with an expected release date later this year. 

On that note, it seems unlikely that Samsung will announce the new smartwatch alongside the Galaxy S20, which is due to appear at a launch event scheduled for 11 February.

Another tidbit of information leaked out about the new Samsung watch is a fairly average battery capacity of 330mAh; that’s a touch smaller than the 340mAh battery of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Also a little strange is that only one model number has been leaked. Samsung usually announces several versions of each new smartwatch, in different sizes and with LTE options. Therefore, we expect to see a few more closely related model numbers to leak out before Samsung launches its new watch.

We appreciate this is all rather vague for now, but at least the new model number gets the ball rolling ahead of the launch of a new Samsung smartwatch. We will no doubt have more to share as this story progresses through early 2020.

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