Samsung Galaxy Unpacked date seemingly confirmed – Galaxy Z Fold 6, Flip 6, Ring, Buds 3 and more

Samung's latest launch event date appears online, set to be a massive show

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023
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A banner ad on a Dutch retail site has confirmed the date of the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.

It is expected to be a bumper show, with multiple product launches, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6.

Samsung's latest massive showcase is just around the corner, and it might have just had its date confirmed at last. 

It's been widely expected that the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event will happen in early July, going off both reports and previous years, but Samsung hasn't so far confirmed a date.

Now though, one Dutch online retailer has accidentally put live a banner ad inviting people to make a pre-reservation for its forthcoming foldable phones – the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 on 10 July. 

Those are the next two folding phones in its established lineup, and Samsung should be unveiling them at the event. Given that it generally puts pre-orders live immediately or very soon after the show, the writing seems to be on the wall here. 

It looks a lot like we can expect Unpacked to happen on 10 July, then, and the most popular rumour is that the in-person section of the show will happen in Paris. As pointed out by 91mobiles, Samsung is an official partner of the Olympics, which are happening in that city this summer, so it's likely to tie its event into that where it can.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 leak

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It's not just folding phones that are set to launch, though – this is looking like it'll be one of the busiest Unpacked events in ages.

A whole heap of devices are expected to launch or be showcased in more detail during the forthcoming presentation. These include the long-awaited Galaxy Ring, the Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch 7, and the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. We should also get a detailed look at the already on-sale Galaxy Book 4 Edge and Galaxy Book 4 Edge Pro laptops.

All of that will likely it make it quite a long presentation, but there are some devices on that list that could be big steps forward for Samsung – not least the Galaxy Ring, which is set to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of Oura. 

We're also expecting there to be a new Ultra version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which has been leaked quite heavily and should offer an even more premium experience than Samsung's already expensive bi-fold phone. 

With such a list of expected devices, it's perfectly possible that one or more won't appear as hoped. Still, for now it's over to Samsung to confirm that date's actually accurate. 

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