Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge is among the first Copilot+ PCs to arrive

Samsung is in the first wave with this flagship AI-powered laptop

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge
(Image credit: Samsung)
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Samsung has launched a new laptop featuring Microsoft's AI system, the Galaxy Book 4 Edge.

It's a CoPilot+ PC with that built-in key, and features a bright AMOLED display.

Samsung has confirmed that it won't be left behind by the first wave of Microsoft's CoPilot+ PC releases, unveiling the Galaxy Book 4 Edge, a new laptop that features the AI helper built-in. 

There's no lead-in here, neither – the laptop is available to buy right now, skipping any pre-order process to instead launch immediately. Pricing in the UK starts at £1,399 for the 14-inch version, while a 16-inch version will start at £1,499. 

As with a whole heap of other CoPilot+ PC models that have been announced or launched so far, the Galaxy Book 4 Edge runs on a Snapdragon X Elite processor, a key component in powering its AI features. Thanks to this processor and the way it accesses artificial intelligence, the laptop will also be able to use at least some AI features while offline. That could see it considered among the best laptops straight away.

The laptop's display should be vibrant thanks to its AMOLED construction, and Samsung also says that it'll last up to 22 hours on a single charge while watching video, which is really impressive. Fast charging can power the laptop up to 40% capacity in just 30 minutes, apparently. 

The Galaxy Book 4 Edge will also feature the new Link to Windows option, a setting that lets you link another Galaxy device to your laptop to use it as a seamless extension. This could be really handy for productivity and matches some of what Apple has worked on with iPhone mirroring in the upcoming macOS Sequoia update.

Like all CoPilot+ PCs, then, the Galaxy Book 4 Edge comes with a dedicated new button for CoPilot on Windows. This will launch the assistant much like you might call up Siri or the Google Assistant on your phone, letting you give it instructions or tasks.

Microsoft is betting on people finding this sufficiently useful to warrant a place on your keyboard, but with so few of these laptops actually in people's hands yet it's a little hard to know how that's going so far.

Still, if you're in the market for a premium new laptop and you fancy trying out this new wave of AI functionality, Samsung might have just skipped to the front of the queue since you can pick up the Galaxy Book 4 Edge right now. 

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