Samsung Galaxy S25 could get a major battery boost thanks to smarter tech

Galaxy AI tipped to evolve into an even more useful set of tools

Samsung Galaxy S24 review
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Next year's Samsung Galaxy S25 will reportedly introduce a new Galaxy AI feature to extend battery life.

Battery AI could improve the charge in the phone by 10%. That would help it last longer.

Samsung might have something special up its sleeve where the Galaxy S25 is concerned, with a lovely little battery innovation reportedly in the works.

In years gone by, to get more battery life from one phone generation to the next, you generally had to figure out how to squeeze a bigger battery into its design. 

But, with even the best smartphones staying largely the same size between years, that's getting harder. So many makers have turned to software solutions, including simply making everything run more efficiently to reduce battery drain. 

Samsung, though, is apparently turning to artificial intelligence (AI) this year – 91mobiles has reported on the leak of something called 'Battery AI' that Samsung is cooking up.

The feature will seemingly be part of the Samsung Galaxy AI suite and produce better battery life, giving a boost of up to 10% compared to the Samsung Galaxy S24, which is the sort of uplift that could actually feel really noticeable in normal use. 

The working assumption is that the system will be able to identify and close down unwanted or unused background processes that are draining your battery without you realising it, which sounds fairly smart – and could save you from doing a similar purging job yourself every so often.

There are whisperings that it could have a knock-on processing cost that could make the phone slightly slower, though, which isn't quite ideal, although there's doubtless plenty to be ironed out yet, with months of development still ahead of Samsung at this stage. 

This is all certainly par for the course, though, given that we basically know most phone makers are planning to go big on AI in their unveiling and presentations this year.

It's the buzziest part of tech, after all, and when even Apple looks like it's going to lean in, you know the trend is at its height. 

Still, all of this is missing any sort of confirmation from Samsung, as you'd expect at this point. It's likely not to say anything for months, yet - its phones tend to arrive in January, so there's ages to go before the Galaxy S25's most likely arrival date in January 2025. 

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