Samsung Galaxy S24 launch date revealed by renowned Samsung tipster

Online expert leaks Samsung's next Unpacked event

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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We have long thought that Samsung would launch its next flagship phone series in February next year, a few weeks before Mobile World Congress (which takes place 26 - 29 February). This complies with previous S series launches.

However, a renowned online tipster with a great track record with Samsung leaks has claimed it'll be a touch earlier this time.

Ice Universe has posted on his Weibo account that he believes the Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones will be unveiled during a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on 18 January 2024.

That would make it a very early launch for such a significant family of devices. It would also further distance Samsung from MWC and announcements from rivals. It could mean that the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra get into shops before the show even starts, thereby giving it an advantage.

It might even provoke some of its peers to change their launch plans too.

In all honesty, Mobile World Congress has changed considerably over the last few years anyway. Samsung used to host its first major press event of the year on the eve of the show, but has now distanced itself from the convention. It has a presence there still, but only to show already announced products.

LG, which used to make a song and dance at MWC, no longer makes phones, and Sony rarely uses the event to unveil anything major these days.

Instead, it is down to the Chinese companies to utilise the gathering of the European mobile press and trade to unveil their best phones – but even they are usually global editions of handsets already released in China.

Many, in fact, are choosing to go down Samsung's route anyway. There are often separate phone launches from the likes of OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei during the spring months, and that are not tied to any actual event.

Still, there will be plenty happy if Samsung chooses to release its S24 series earlier than usual. Just not the MWC organisers, perhaps.

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