If the iPhone 15 doesn't do it for you, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might

Latest leaks sound like a worthy Android rival

A leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra showing a lizard on screen
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Android vs iPhone might be the great debate of our time, but it does at least mean that we are constantly treated to new phones determined to be the best yet. At the moment all eyes are firmly fixed to Cupertino for the imminent iPhone 15, but don't disregard the Samsung S24 Ultra, the latest leaks make it sound like it might be worth holding out for. 

According to tipster Yogesh Brar Samsung's next candybar flagship will share a rumoured upgrade with the iPhone 15, a titanium frame. Since the S23 Ultra is already made of aluminium, then it probably won't have the same weight-reducing effect as replacing the stainless steel on the iPhone but it is a considerably stronger material. 

The Samsung S23 Ultra is already one of the best camera phones out there, with a 200 MP main camera expected to stay for the S24 Ultra too. Where it could be boosted however is the 3x Telephoto lens. Several leaks, including from Yogesh Brar have mooted a jump from 12MP to 50MP on this camera. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 series

(Image credit: Samsung)

In terms of raw performance, it looks like it could be a close-run thing between Samsung and Apple. The iPhone 15 is expected to feature Apple's own A17 Bionic chip, which could make it the first phone to use a 3nm (nanometer) process. This would likely bring significant performance and battery life boosts. As for Samsung, Brar expects a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. This seems to confirm talk of the return of the in-house Exynos processor is over (a relief for some) . While we don't yet know exactly what the next Snapdragon chipset it will be capable of, most believe it won't yet reach 3nm. However, some other upcoming phones may reach this milestone. 

In terms of other details from this leak, Brar believes that the S24 Ultra won't see upgraded charging speed (although 45W is still better than we expect for the iPhone 15) but we should see the same 5000 mAh battery size which is handy. The ultimate decider between the two phones may be OS and price. Which phone will be cheaper and how will One UI 6 compare with iOS 17

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