Samsung Galaxy S24 gets a great free update that will brighten your day

The first update for the flagship Android phone brings a neat improvement to daily use

Samsung Galaxy S24 review
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Quick Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is set to receive its first software update.

That includes improvements to the camera and the display technology, as well as the Galaxy AI.

When it comes to Android phones, there are a handful of brands which represent the lion's share of the market. Those are brands with long histories, making them household names.

Samsung phones sit proudly in that camp. They've been on top of the market for years, making new handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S24 an obvious choice for many users.

Now, those handsets have got a sweet free software upgrade. That's the first upgrade to come to the new phone, making it double exciting for users.

The main feature upgrade on offer here is a new 'vividness' toggle. That allows users to adjust how sharp the display colours are, boosting the richness of those colours in the process.

The camera has also seen a boost. That includes improvements to the zoom, portrait mode, night photography and videography. All of those should make it easier than ever to use the devices, with improvements in key areas that many users will appreciate.

Last, but certainly not least, improvements are being made to the Live Call Translation function. There is no further detail on how that is being upgraded, but it's certainly a welcome addition.

As one of the Galaxy AI powered features introduced on this latest line of handsets, we're expecting to see some near constant improvements in that regard.

All in all, that's a really nifty upgrade for users. The three pillars which have been given a boost are really important for daily use, meaning users will see meaningful improvements, without loads of fluff which they don't need.

The rollout is set to take place over the course of the next month. Don't panic if you don't see it right away, either – these types of things tend to take place over a couple of weeks, meaning you may have to wait patiently for it to land on your handset.

Still, when it does, you should be able to enjoy a host of neat benefits.

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