Samsung Galaxy S23 users just got a great free software upgrade

It should bring users of the iconic Android phone range a suite of new features

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in green
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

If you're talking about the best Android phone on the market, there are a few brands that likely come to mind. It's arguably the most competitive the space has ever been, with new brands and old favourites alike offering quality options for users.

Samsung phones are always in that mix. Whether you're a fan or not, they have undeniably strong spec sheets. Top performers like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offer a whole heap of features to justify their large price tag.

Now, users of a Samsung Galaxy S23 device have got a great free upgrade. That's because users can now enjoy One UI 6 in beta form. One UI is the name given to Samsung's version of the Android software, and One UI 6 specifically gives users access to Android 14 features.

It's arguably one of the more incremental upgrades the platform has had in a while. We've heard about a new back arrow gesture which will help to aid navigation on the device.

We've also seen a new auto-zoom function for scanning QR codes. That should make it easier and quicker for users to get to the site or app they need to use, without faffing around trying to get the perfect angle. It's not clear if this will be an Android 14 feature specifically, though given that it has been spotted in beta testing, it could well make an appearance.

There are a host of other, smaller upgrades coming, too. They impact a series of smaller features and usability aspects which should add up to make a fairly substantial overhaul.

For Samsung users specifically, there's also a new default font, and a redesigned quick panel. That should make it effortless for users to access commonly used features. The method of accessing the quick panel is also changed, for quicker access to those settings.

All in all, it's a decent upgrade. Users who opt to get early access via the beta will have the first chance to try out the new features, before they become publicly available.

Don't fret if you have an older Samsung device, either. While the most recent series will get first dibs, the software is usually rolled out to others in the days and weeks that follow.

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