Samsung Galaxy S23 users could get another massive upgrade next week

The flagship Android phone is set to get its biggest update since... err, the last one

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus review
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New Android phones are popping up all the time right now. From established brands and newer outfits alike, the market is becoming more saturated with a range of top options available to prospective users.

Despite the ever-growing range of options, the Samsung Galaxy S23 range is still widely regarded as one of the best on the market. From the vanilla model through to the top-spec Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the range is packed with great hardware and software features.

Now, the device is set to get another software upgrade – and it could be here as early as next week. The One UI 6 beta recently arrived on devices in a host of territories, and the second version could be coming soon.

That's according to screenshots shown on Twitter, which show a Samsung moderator talking about features coming in the next update. The date is given as the 29th of August, though that has since been taken down from the website.

Still it's a good sign. Sure, we wouldn't bet your house on it being that day exactly, but the fact that people are talking about an update in the near future is a good sign that users won't be waiting long.

As for what's coming in the update, I wouldn't expect too much. The first beta brought most of the big changes. While it's possible one or two extra bits are now ready for release, it's far more likely that this is going to be bug fixes and improvements. Still, that's no bad thing. It should make the software far more stable in use, which is a big plus. 

The One UI 6 beta has already brought about a lot of change for these devices. The device takes on a new default font, in what is likely to be the most instantly noticeable alteration. They've also redesigned the quick panel, and changed the gesture for pulling it into view. That should make it easier than ever to get quick access to the settings you need.

Oh, and don't panic if you're using an older Samsung phone. While the beta access starts with the latest release from the brand, they usually roll out the features to other handsets in due course.

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