Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus now looks the smart upgrade for Android phone users

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is building on a key Galaxy S22 Plus strength

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Android phone being held by a woman in a black leather jacket
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For fans of the best Samsung phones, and the best Android phones in general, who are looking to shop in the incoming S23 range, a new leak has swung weight behind the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus as being the smart choice of upgrade.

That's because, as confirmed by top tipster @TheGalox_ on Twitter, who has a rock solid track record of accurately calling future Android phone specs, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is going to have one of the Galaxy S22 Plus' showpiece strengths upgraded.

And it's something that neither the Samsung Galaxy S23 or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra look like they'll be able to match based on the Galaxy S22 range's performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, so says the leaker, is going to come with an upgraded 4,700mAh battery, which is a 200mAh improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, which we said on review had "the best battery life of any S22 model".

The S22 Plus even outpunched the battery life offered by the range-topping Galaxy S22 Ultra on test, despite the flagship technically having a bigger 5,000mAh capacity stack installed.

Partner this with the fact that, right now, it is looking like the S23 and S23 Ultra will either offer no battery capacity upgrade or, as the tipster has since communicated, may get at best a 5% bigger battery, and it points to the Galaxy S23 Plus once more offering Android phone users the best battery life of any S23 handset.

Capacities aside, it looks like the S23 Plus is going to continue to lead the range in terms of overall battery life.

Partner this with the fact that the S23 Plus looks set to deliver a best of both worlds hardware package, offering everything the S23 will do but with the large-screen experience of the S23 Ultra, and if the price is right then S23 Plus looks like it's going to be the smart choice for Android users when it comes to the S23 range.

The T3 take: Energy efficiency improvements now look key

If this leaked spec information is true then it now looks like if Android phone users are to see any sort of notable improvement in battery life across the S23 range, but especially so on the S23 and S23 Ultra, then hardware and software energy efficiency improvements now look key – and especially so if no battery capacity upgrade is forthcoming on the entry-level and flagship phones.

Is the battery life on Samsung Galaxy phones bad right now? No, it isn't, but as we've written many times it is far from mind-blowing and a lack of improvement in Samsung's flagship single-screen handset range just feels a bit deflating really. 

There are fierce new Android phone rivals now pouring out of rival makers, offering bigger battery capacities, longer-lasting battery lives, and much faster charging, too. So an "ah, it appears to be good enough" approach from Samsung doesn't instill confidence that this is the range to invest in if you want the best Android phone battery performance.

But, look, the proof will be in the testing pudding so to speak, as Samsung is probably only second to Apple in terms of optimizing its devices in terms of efficiency. T3 will, of course, be testing all three new Samsung Galaxy S23 devices when they release in early 2023, so we'll find out then just how long they last.

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