Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra images reveal incredible five-camera setup

A new video reveals all, including a massive screen and penta-camera modules

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Samsung Galaxy S11 (or Samsung Galaxy S20, as it's looking likely to be called) is heavily rumoured to be appearing in three different sizes. The baseline model, Samsung Galaxy S20, will be joined by two bigger siblings, the S20 Plus and the top-of-the-line S20 Ultra. 

Although we've seen quite a lot of information and leaks regarding the previous two devices, other than a few 3D-printed models we've seen comparatively little of the largest phone, the S20 Ultra.  However, a new render based on all information received so far has recently leaked, and it looks to rock a lot of features the other two models will be missing. 

Render artist Concept Creator has provided their take on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Like those 3D printed models based on leaked specs released last week, the phone looks to be packing a penta-camera setup including the much-touted 108MP sensor, first seen on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, along with other features rumoured to be included on the S20 Plus such as 8K video recording. 

The artist has also provided an SD slot to bolster the phone: with such high-performance content production capabilities, more memory will be needed to store content. A Micro SD slot has the capacity to store an additional 1TB of content, perfect for the high-powered S20 Ultra. 

Check out the render in full below:

The penta-camera setup is the star of the show, but the phone's screen size also deserves mention. Rumoured to be a whopping 6.9" in size, the phone's lack of curved screen, bezels and slightly larger chin will add even more size to an already massive phone. 

The phablet-sized S20 Ultra may end up clocking in at over 7", almost too big to fit in some pockets. With the advent of folding phones now making larger screen sizes small again, the question must be asked: when it comes to smartphones, how big is too big?

Samsung Galaxy S11/S20

A previous S11/S20 render with the penta-camera setup

(Image credit: Onleaks)

Five cameras for the new, top-end Galaxy models is a rumour that refuses to die, so even if the S20 Plus doesn't see all five, we're pretty confident the Ultra will come packing some serious camera credentials. 

Whether the Ultra is as big as the rumours say, and whether this will become a tipping point for some users, remains to be seen. All we know is that we're looking forward to all three phones being unveiled at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, in just a few weeks' time. 

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