Samsung Galaxy S11/S20 name change buzz increases as new details leak

The mysterious Samsung Galaxy model is due to be announced on 11 February

Samsung Galaxy S11/S20
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Contrary to popular belief, the Samsung Galaxy S11 doesn't look like its coming any time soon. We know, we've spent the last few months insisting it's coming in February, and Samsung Galaxy Unpacked being announced for the 11th only doubles down on this. 

However, due to a rumoured name change that's been given new weight by a UK retailer, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S11 might not be released at all. 

Retailer MobileFun has released early phone case details for the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, including prices and a few details like colours and wireless charging compatibility. There's no images, unfortunately, but it does give new weight to the hottest rumour of last week: that the Samsung Galaxy S11 range will actually be known as the Samsung Galaxy S20. 

Last week's rumours also listed two size upgrades, the S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, and MobileFun's cases corroborate this in their listings. New colourway options include the addition of a Sky Blue case in all three lines, suggest Samsung will be providing its new flagship in this hue. 

Samsung Galaxy S11

S11 no more?

(Image credit: Phone Arena)

Why the name change?

We're hearing the name change rumour from multiple sources, but we first heard it from unverified smartphone leaker Harmless Karl on Twitter. Whether the buzz since is genuine or whether people are simply capitalising on the latest controversial Samsung rumours remains to be seen, but the case names are the most concrete evidence of the change we've seen so far.

Perhaps the S20 will be part of a new naming convention – a new Samsung for a new decade. If models continue to be released annually going forward, they will match the year of release, such as the S21 in 2021 next year.

So, will it be the Samsung Galaxy S11 or Samsung Galaxy S20 occupying your valuable pocket space? We won't have long to wait to find out, as 11 February is not very far away. Watch this space.

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