Samsung Galaxy S10 5G price is FINALLY revealed – and it's definitely not cheap

Galaxy S10 5G will launch in the US on May 16

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Price UK

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be available to buy in the United States from May 16, 2019 for a whopping $1,300. For comparison, that's $400 more expensive than the standard Galaxy S10 (from $899), $300 more than the S10 Plus (from $999) and almost double the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10e (from $749).

Unfortunately, there's no word yet on an official UK price or release date. However, we've donned our Holmesian deerstalker and deduced some crucial clues from the latest announcement for our friends across the pond.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will launch in 20 US cities next month, including Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Memphis, Phoenix, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC – name a few. The 5G-enabled flagship phone – a first for Samsung – is already available to pre-order from the Samsung online store, and US carrier Verizon.

EE has already confirmed plans to stock the Galaxy S10 5G when it rolls out its UK 5G mobile network later this year. Unfortunately, for now at least, the Samsung UK website is very quiet about UK prices or a release date for the 5G-touting handset.

That said, we can deduce quite a lot from the US announcement. For example, we know that Samsung doesn't simply switch the $ for a £ and keep the numerical value identical when it converts its US pricing for the UK, something arch-nemesis Apple almost always does with its flagship iPhone range.

If we look at the difference in prices between the US and UK, there is a pattern. For example, the Galaxy S10 costs $899 SIM-free in the United States and £799 in the Samsung UK online store. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10 Plus starts from $999 in the US and (yep, you've guessed it) £899 in the UK store. It's worth pointing out that Samsung doesn't just drop the price by 100 for every smartphone that it brings to the UK. The Galaxy Fold, for example, costs £1,800 in the UK, but $1,980 in the US.

That said, we're fairly confident that we won't see that much of a price difference when the Galaxy S10 5G makes it to UK shores later this year. Right now, we'd bet the farm on the 5G-touting model to cost £1,199 SIM-free. 

That's still £100 pricier than the 512GB Galaxy S10 Plus model (the basic S10 5G has 256GB, although more storage can be purchased for a $100 surcharge), but cheaper than the maxed-out 1TB Galaxy S10 model, which costs £1,399.

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