Where the Samsung Galaxy Fold failed, this gorgeous folding iPhone wins

Forget the Galaxy Fold, this folding iPhone looks like the Huawei Mate X competitor we're all waiting for

Samsung Galaxy Fold new iPhone folding phone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't getting the best press right now. At first the folding phone was delayed indefinitely after problems with its "alarmingly fragile" display were identified

Following this, Samsung decided to recall all its recently issued Galaxy Fold review units. Then, most recently, following a comprehensive teardown of the Fold by iFixit that revealed another apparent design flaw with the device, Samsung actually went as far as to request the story taken down.

Where the Fold failed, the much-wanted new folding iPhone could succeed. And especially so if it looks anything like this stunning folding iPhone design from Concept Creator, which he has dubbed the Apple iFlex. Watch the video now:

In terms of design this rendered device looks very similar to the Galaxy Fold but packs a 5.4-inch, 16:9 front display, 7.9-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio folded out interior display, a butterfly wing-style hinge, and a spring-loaded, pop-up camera system.

We think it looks gorgeous and, if Apple does end up delivering anything that looks even a bit like this concept, then the Huawei Mate X could find itself with some very stiff competition indeed.

While we now don't know when the Samsung Galaxy Fold will launch, Huawei has confirmed that its folding phone remains unaffected and will still launch as planned in June 2019.

As for when a folding iPhone will see the light the day, Apple tends to wait until there's proven demand for a product category before jumping on board, so if the Cupertino firm does have one planned, it almost certainly won't be this year.

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