Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will keep this vital S20 series tech

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will share its innards with Samsung’s current flagship

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is coming this July, and looks set to be a barnstormer of a handset. It’s reportedly due to have a huge 6.7” screen, with the Note 20 Plus stretching up to over 7”. 

Traditionally Samsung's biggest phone, the Note range (like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus), is comprised of "phablet" models that come with the advanced S Pen stylus. 

Notes are designed to give users plenty of screen space to create, write, draw and otherwise work across a larger surface with the accompanying stylus.

 However, although we previously thought the Note 20 would be getting an all-new 6nm chipset, it sounds like the phone’s innards will be the same as those currently housed in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

News outlet XDA Developers, a very reliable source for Samsung leaks, has posted a series of breakdown of the Samsung Galaxy S20’s innermost “kernel” code, at the core of Samsung’s operating system. It’s found lines of code concerning the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset that’s due to be incorporated into the next series of phones. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

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This includes a reference to Project Canvas, which, as we’ve heard before, is the codename for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 likely due to its massive screen and use of the S Pen. According to the piece of kernel code found by XDA Developers, Project Canvas looks set to pack the Snapdragon 865 as its chipset of choice. 

This makes perfect sense on Samsung’s part. While new chips with smaller 6nm architecture may need time to be tested and refined, Samsung already has a state-of-the-art, 5G chipset ready to go. If it’s good enough for the existing flagships, it will be good enough for the Note 20 series - and keep the Note 20 in the same price range, rather than getting even more expensive. 

Looking in the kernel code reveals even more: the 865 is also set to appear in a mysterious device known only as Project Winner2. The smart bet is on the chipset also appearing in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which is hotly tipped to debut early next year. 

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