Samsung Galaxy Motorola Razr killer: new video shows clamshell phone in action

See the upcoming folding Samsung phone in action in brand new footage

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Samsung's much-anticipated clamshell folding phone, along with the Samsung Galaxy S11, is expected to be announced next month. We're not sure if this is a sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, or a brand new range built to take on the Motorola Razr, which has cornered all clamshell-related headlines since its debut last year. 

We've heard the rumours and seen photos of the phone in real life, so we know the unit at least exists in the real world. Now, all eyes are on Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on 11 February, where the phone is due to make its debut. 

In anticipation of Samsung's "Motorola Razr killer" dropping, 3D artist Concept Creator has taken everything we've seen and heard to date and put together this attractive video render, showing off the phone's impressive folding screen. Check it out below:

To start with, Concept Creator has dubbed this render the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which puts the clamshell as a direct successor to the book-fold phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

As one of the first high-profile folding smartphones, the Galaxy Fold was beset with issues upon its release last year due to the fragility of its folding screen, so we're hoping the Fold 2 will have ironed things out if the clamshell goes under that name. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The current Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

(Image credit: Future)

The clamshell doesn't have the chunky lower bezel that gave the Razr its retro design, which means the phone itself is thicker than Motorola's offering due to having nowhere else to house its vital innards.

The butt of the phone seems to contain a speaker, while the selfie camera has the punch-hole design reminiscent of current-gen Samsung Galaxy phones. The hinge of the phone, an exposed cylinder at the back of the device, carries the embossed Samsung logo.

Is this what the Samsung clamshell is going to look like once it's unveiled next month? It's looking likely, as this render is based on all previous rumours and leaked images. However, as ever, we'll have to wait until the official announcement for more info.

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