Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Amazon Black Friday deal reduces bean-shaped AirPods slayer to lowest EVER price

These true wireless beans are now exceptional value at under £120

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you want a pair of black buds without having to wait for Black Friday, rush straight to Amazon now. There you'll find a pair of black Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for just £120.

• Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for £105 | RRP £179 | Save £74!

This is the lowest price that Samsung's bean-shaped buds have ever… bean (been). Given that this puts them at a lower price than even the very best Apple AirPods deal  right now in the UK, that is exceptional value.

The Galaxy Buds Live have a relaxed and comfortable fit that is similar to AirPods, but with beefed up sound and noise cancelling that makes them more comparable to AirPods Pro (currently £219). Sure they look like beans, rather than having the iconic AirPods shape, but losing a stalk protruding your ear seems like a tiny price to pay for such a bargainiferous pair of buds. And £105 seems like a tiny price to us, too.

If you are after Galaxy Buds Live in their more exciting Mystic Bronze or white colours, you can get them for £120 at ChitterChatter – they have the black ones too. I am not going to lie: I have never heard of this retailer, but it has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, and some very good deals on offer. 

• Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Live at Chitterchatter for £120

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live £105 | RRP £179 | Save £74 at Amazon
Among the best true wireless buds you can buy at any price, these are crazy good value at just £105. For that price you get wireless charging, noise cancelling and surprisingly big, bracing sound, considering the way these 'sonic beans' sit in your ears.View Deal

Why you should buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

These are Samsung's attempt to take down both AirPods and AirPods Pro, and they've done a remarkably good job of it. The genius of Galaxy Buds Live is that they sit loosely but securely in your ears, quite like original AirPods. So you can easily pop one out to talk to people, and you can hear your surroundings. 

The clever bit is they also have noise cancelling. Turn this on, and perhaps turn up the volume a little, and the Live buds become more like AirPods Pro, with excellent sound quality for music and calls alike. 

With touch controls on each ear it's easy to change volume, skip tracks, take calls and, erm, use Bixby. The bean shape means they sit very comfortably in your ears, and in contrast to Google's Pixel Buds, they are much less prone to pausing the music when you adjust their position. 

They also come with a wireless charging case as standard. Battery life is solid at six hours with noise cancelling turned on or eight with it off. The battery case gives a further 15 hours of playback or a whopping 29 hours if you can make do without ANC.

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