Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro leak with Airpods-inspired design

The new wireless earbuds look set to take on a much more familiar appearance

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro
(Image credit: Samsung)
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Leaked images showcase a significant redesign for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. 

The device appears to utilise a stem design for the first time, which should offer some added benefits for users.

In the world of technology, most brands have made moves towards offering a diverse portfolio of devices. Major brands like Samsung and Apple offer core products like phones, alongside other categories to build on the brand name.

That includes tablets, cheap phones, laptops and more. Now, information has leaked about a product in another category – wireless earbuds.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have been rumoured for a little while. Those look set to offer a decent upgrade over the current generation Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds, with a new design seemingly imminent.

That's according to respected tech insider, Evan Blass. He shared leaked images of a stash of devices expected in the near future. Those appear in a pixelated form, but it's pretty easy to gain a sweeping look at the overall design.

For the Buds 3 Pro, that includes a stem-design reminiscent of devices like the Airpods Pro 2. It's a departure for the series, which has previously only used the rounder bud design.

It seems the decision is not just a stylistic one, but offer some added functionality to boot. Reports have claimed that the stem will improve battery life and call quality, which should come as a welcome upgrade for users.

The device is the image is shown in a silver colour. Initially we'd wondered if that was simply a black and white image, but the colour profile of others suggest that the colour is, in fact, silver. It's also shown with a silicone earbud tip.

Other reports have suggested that the Buds 3 Pro will feature a dual driver design. There is also talk of an IP57 water and dust resistance rating, which should help to keep them working in different environments. Last, but certainly not least, around 30 hours of battery life has been touted – presumably for the buds and case.

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