Samsung foldable tablet could follow Galaxy F smartphone

Could this be the future of computers?

Lenovo Folio
(Image credit: Lenovo)

The Samsung Galaxy F, aka Galaxy X, foldable phone may get announced as soon as next month but it may be followed by an equally exciting folding tablet.

While the above image shows off the Lenovo Folio foldable tablet that's already been teased at a trade show, Samsung may be working on its own version. Documents have come to light which show Samsung has been working on the patent for a foldable tablet design. 

While the Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone will offer a large fold-out screen, some people may want even more display space. Imagine a tablet that folds, it could be more portable, offering a laptop-like experience with one half as a keyboard. 

Samsung foldable tablet patent

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The tablet shown in the patent is likely smaller than the final unit will be. Expect the tablet to follow the Galaxy F smartphone with an announcement either as early as next month or to follow at the launch of the Galaxy F early next year.

Current tablets with keyboard cases do offer a laptop alternative. But with a foldable screen they could be made smaller and offer a built in keyboard that doesn't require charging and vanishes when not in use.

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