Sage takes on SodaStream and Ninja with its first ever sparkling water maker

Sage’s new InFizz Fusion sparkling beverage maker is this summer’s must-have gadget

Sage InFizz Fusion
(Image credit: Sage)

Sage has just launched the InFizz Fusion, its first ever sparkling beverage maker. Its sleek design and easy-to-use fizz technology adds bubbles to all your favourite drinks, including juice, cocktails and even wine.

The Sage InFizz Fusion is available to buy now in five colourways for £179.95.

Sage has just announced the launch of its first ever sparkling beverage maker, the InFizz Fusion. Rivalling the likes of SodaStream and Ninja, the Sage InFizz Fusion adds bubbles and sparkles to any drink you like, including alcoholic beverages like wine and cocktails.

Known for its high end cooking appliances, the Sage InFizz Fusion is a step away from Sage’s main product collections, which include the best bean to cup coffee machines. But not only is this new launch a first of its kind from Sage but it’s unlike other sparkling water makers on the market, as it can be used on more than just water.

What sets the Sage InFizz Fusion apart from its competitors is its ability to add fizz to any liquid you want. How SodaStream and the Ninja Thirsti work is by adding carbonation to your tap water before you add flavours directly to the fizzy water. With the Sage InFizz Fusion, this beverage maker doesn’t need any additional flavourings, so you can use it on more drinks and you don’t have to worry about repeat spending on cordials.

The Sage InFizz Fusion can be used to add bubbles to water, juice, teas, and alcoholic beverages, like cocktails and wine. If you’re not a huge fan of sparkling water, the Sage InFizz Fusion appeals to a wider range of customers as it offers a faster and healthier way to make an assortment of carbonated drinks.

Sage InFizz Fusion

(Image credit: Sage)

A clever feature of the Sage InFizz Fusion is its pressure control system, called the FusionCap. This sits at the top of the bottle and attaches to the main body of the Sage InFizz Fusion which contains the CO2 cylinder. The FusionCap gives you more control over the levels of carbonation added to your drink of choice, and minimises the risk of overflow while enhancing your drinks’ flavours.

Made from premium stainless steel materials, the Sage InFizz Fusion acts in a similar way to the SodaStream E-Terra as the bottle and cap attaches to the sparkling beverage maker with a ‘twist and tilt’ action. Once attached, the fast locking system keeps everything in place while the Sage InFizz Fusion is in action.

With the warmer months approaching, the Sage InFizz Fusion is this summer’s must-have appliance, and is available in five luxurious colourways, including Sea Salt, Black Truffle, Damson Blue, Noir and Brushed Stainless Steel. It’s available to buy now at Sage, with prices starting at £179.95.

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