Run, don't walk! SodaStreams are currently up to half price in the Amazon Prime Day sale

Go, go, go!

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The countdown has now begun until the end of Amazon Prime Day, but let me tell you, the deals are not over yet. Whatever you may have had on your wish list this year, we hope you've found it and nice brown Amazon package will soon be on its way to you. 

If you're like me and have been keeping an eye on the best 2023 Prime Day Home and Kitchen deals, you would have noticed that a certain SodaStream addition has made its way onto the list ever so sneakily. Well, I've had a closer look and SodaStream has announced even more savings on their range, especially their newest launch. 

Not only has the SodaStream Terra (we reviewed the Terra recently if you're interested) been slashed by a massive 48%, there are also savings on the SodaStream E-Terra, SodaStream Art, SodaStream Duo and SodaStream Genesis. Woah!

For the past 120 years, the SodaStream name has become well known for its home carbonation systems. Whether you’re a sparkling water fan or not, SodaStream’s portfolio of sparkling water makers turn your tap water into exciting carbonated beverages, just with the touch of a button. If you're interested in more, have a read of our guide should I buy a SodaStream? 

Well, are you ready to see the bargains?

Discover our pick of the best Amazon Prime Day deals

SodaStream Terra:  was £109.99, now £56.99 at Amazon (save £53)

SodaStream Terra: was £109.99, now £56.99 at Amazon (save £53)
Save 48% with the SodaStream Terra - brand new to SodaStream's range! Available in white also, it comes with a 60 litre pink ‘Quick Connect’ gas cylinder and a 1 litre dishwasher safe bottle which is BPA free. The perfect starter kit for making your own fizzy drinks at home!

SodaStream E-Terra:  was £144.99

SodaStream E-Terra: was £144.99, now £99.99 at Amazon (save £45)
Save 31% with the SodaStream E-Terra, the electric version of the SodaStream Terra! Includes a 1 litre BPA-free water bottle and 60 Litre Quick Connect Co2 Gas Cylinder. 

SodaStream Duo:  was £164.99, now £120.7 at Amazon (save £44)

SodaStream Duo: was £164.99, now £120.7 at Amazon (save £44)
Save 27% with the SodaStream Duo! Available in white for £135.00, it comes with a 60 L pink ‘Quick Connect’ gas cylinder, 1 litre dishwasher safe BPA-free plastic bottle and 1 litre dishwasher safe glass bottle/carafe.

SodaStream Art:  was £139.99

SodaStream Art: was £139.99, now £82.99 at Amazon (save £57)
There's a massive 41% on this SodaStream Art! Also available in white for £79.99, it includes a 60 litre gas cylinder and a 1 litre dishwasher safe, BPA free bottle.

SodaStream Genesis:  was £99.99

SodaStream Genesis: was £99.99, now £88 at Amazon (save £11)
Save 12% on the SodaStream Genesis. As it's from SodaStream's older range, it is compatible with the Blue Gas Cylinder only!

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