Rode's best-selling microphone now has an affordable version that comes in all colours of the rainbow

Say hello to the Rode NT1 Signature Series, a low-cost option of the world’s quietest studio condenser microphone

Rode launches affordable NT1 Signature Series studio microphone
(Image credit: Rode)

Australian audio giant Rode is back once again with another exciting announcement. Hot on the heels of the world's first "unclippable" microphone, the NT1 5TH Gen, the brand just announced a more affordable version of the same mic, the NT1 Signature Series, featuring the HF6 large-diaphragm (1-inch) condenser capsule, precision engineered to sub-micron tolerances.

The NT1 Signature Series joins the NT1 5th Generation in Rode's current NT1 range, offering these same high-performance specs and the classic NT1 sound signature with the original XLR-only design of previous generations. For the first time, the NT1 Signature Series also offers the NT1 in a range of limited-edition colours, including red, green, purple, pink and blue, allowing "creators to express their signature style in both sound and colour," Rode says.

The NT1 Signature Series lost the 32-bit float digital output and the dual XLR/USB connectivity, but it retained the classic NT1 sound signature: the rich, warm bass, detailed midrange and sparkling highs for exceptional performance in a wide range of studio applications.

It also features a tight cardioid polar pattern for excellent background noise rejection, smooth frequency response and high sensitivity for incredible balance and clarity, and extremely low noise (4dBA), meaning it's the world’s quietest studio condenser microphone.

Better still, the Rode NT1 Signature Series comes with a studio-grade shock mount and pop filter and a premium XLR cable, plus a rugged aluminium body and high-grade finishes, which are highly resistant to scuffs and scratches. All backed by Rode's 'industry-leading' 10-year warranty.

“When we designed the NT1 5th Generation, not only did we add revolutionary digital technology, but we also redesigned the analogue circuitry to deliver improved performance while retaining the classic NT1 sound everyone loves,” said Rode CEO Damien Wilson. “With the NT1 Signature Series, we wanted to offer creators this new-and-improved NT1 with the original pure-analog design of previous generations – plus the option to get one in your favourite colour to match your unique aesthetic!”

The Rode NT1 Signature Series is available to buy from today for a recommended retail price of £159/ $159/ AU$ 289, which is a really good price for a mic with such specifications. For more info, please visit Rode today.

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