Ring launches brand new Pet Tag that lets you keep track of your fur baby

And it's only $10!

Ring Pet Tag
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That heart-sinking feeling when you realise that your fur baby is missing is probably up there with one of the worst emotions you can ever experience. Even if they've just run off for an extra sniff or disappear around the corner for a little while, the relief when you spot them coming back is huge. 

Recently, Apple AirTags  are being used by owners to track down their pets when a situation like this arises. Despite them being an expensive way of doing so, a lot of manufacturers are creating pet collars that hold the AirTags in place. However, because there is no way of attaching the AirTag to the collar other than placing it in a little pouch, a lot of pet owners are reporting that they're easily lost or even easily eaten. This is extremely dangerous as AirTags contain batteries, meaning there's a significant risk that they could leak and cause organ damage. 

Right now, you're probably thinking what's even the point. Well, this is where Ring has stepped in. Known for producing some of the best video doorbells in the industry, Ring have branched out of its usual realm with this latest product. As of this week, Ring have launched Pet Tag. It's a handy collar companion that helps bring your lost pets home, providing the necessary information to anyone who finds them. You can scan it to see your pet’s personalized profile, talk to their rescuers without sharing personal info and quickly rally support from your community - all in the Ring App.

Ring Pet Tag

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How does it work?

By placing the Pet Tag on your pet's collar, it allows anyone who finds them to scan it and learn about your pet and bring them home safe, even if they don't have the Ring App. There are no batteries or fees required!

You're able to create a Pet Profile, allowing you to store your pet’s photos, medical info and more all in the Ring App. You can also update it at anytime. If someone then scans your Pet Tag’s QR code, you’ll get an alert saying your pet’s been found. It also gives the rescuer your Pet Profile to help keep them informed. Your pet's rescuer can then reach out with a call or text to give you the good news. It’s also completely anonymous, so you never need to share personal contact information. 

Ring Pet Tag: price and availability 

The Ring Pet Tag is currently only available in the US, and is selling for the bargain price of $9.99! Customers are able to preorder theirs on the Ring website at the moment, but they're set to start shipping out on Wednesday 4th October. 

Ring Pet Tag

(Image credit: Ring US)

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