Ricoh lets you Instagram your pics straight from the camera

Perfect for high-res holiday selfies

Over the past few years compact cameras have been overshadowed by smartphones, mainly because they're portable and provide the option to instantly share images to social networks.

Not letting that get in the way of things, Ricoh is fighting back with the GR II, a new camera that will let you share your pictures (as long as you pair it with a smartphone).

The Ricoh GR II digital compact camera sports SLR quality functions in a compact body, boasting a large, APS-C sized image sensor.

It also provides a range of smartphone-support functions, including wireless image transfer and remote shooting. It does this via Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) so it can pair with smartphones and other mobile devices.

It also features new creative tools including six effect modes, and a wireless flash discharge function in combination with an external flash unit.

There are also two applications to support different functions and photographic styles: GR Remote is a new dedicated app that allows easy setting of various commands from a mobile device screen, just like on the camera's LCD panel; and Image Sync, incorporated in Pentax DSLR models, which makes it easy to transfer images to another device and browse them on a larger screen, or share straight to social media platforms.

The camera will set you back £599.99 (that's £600 minus a penny in old money). Or you could just buy a top of the range smartphone because most social networks compress your images anyway, losing the quality you have just spent all that money on!