Razer’s new accessory is amazing – but not what you’d expect

Razer and Tumi team up to create eSports luggage range that is very, very green – and a pleasure to use

Tumi Razer International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On Luggage
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

I've got two passions in life: tech and travel. So when the two combine it makes me oh so happy. Which is exactly where Razer's newest accessory comes into play: the gaming company has teamed up with travel brand Tumi to create a limited edition range of luggage cases and bags.

And I've got hold of one of Razer's International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On Luggage cases (based on Tumi's Continental Carry-on case), as you can see from these exclusive pictures. I've been wanting to talk to everybody about it for weeks, but have had to keep shtum until now, for the official reveal time.

It's an especially lucrative Tumi piece to possess, because in true Razer limited edition style the case is limited to just 1337 pieces – which, if you don't know, is to do with the code for LEET (meaning Elite), and is something Razer has frequently applied to its collaboration ranges in recent years.

Separate to this roller case there are three other special edition bags in the range: the Bozeman Sling Bag, the Finch Backpack, and the Laptop Sleeve (the latter two with 15-inch laptop carry capacity). I don't have any of these items so can't comment on them. But when it comes to the International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On Luggage case I've plenty to say about this case's details, so read on for more pictures and full details about this luxe travel case...

Tumi Razer Carry-On Luggage: Design

First thing's first: it wouldn't be a Razer special without some green, right? Fortunately there's some degree of restraint exercised here: the design temptation to finish the whole exterior in green has been swerved, instead opting for a black shell exterior with Razer green highlights for the zips, labels and wheel logos. I think it's eye-catching without being overloading.

That is until the moment you unzip this case, revealing a full-on green material interior finish. Even the elasticated tie-down straps are green, finished with the Designed by Gamers for Gamers wording (admittedly in black). It's a strong look.

Fancy some RGB lighting? Ok, so I'm kidding. But there is one very cool feature this Tumi case offers: one of the top interior pockets has a USB-A cable so you can plug-in a power bank. That cable seamlessly connects to an exterior USB port, hidden under a seal, so you can charge up your kit while on the move. I love genius, subtle touches such as this.

Like that power bank feature this Razer case is otherwise one and the same as its Tumi original equivalent in terms of features. That means TSA approved dual lock that the two zips plug into, released with what I can only describe as a satisfying 'chonk' upon pressing the release switch down. There's also a key lock in addition to the triple digit combination. A second zip handles the case expansion, for when you need to go all-in with your gaming goodies (I'm more likely to be carting about extra clothes, but each to their own).

Tumi Razer Carry-On Luggage: What's in the case?

In addition to the very Razer design flourishes, the special edition Tumi carry-on case comes with a host of extras inside. It's like a matryoshka of presents, one inside the next.

Once your eyes settle down from the flash of green you'll find a welcome card inside the main zip. It's like a giant business card welcoming you to this special club. You're one of only 1337 people after all (well, 1336 if you discount my case from the shelves).

Next up there's a little Tumi box, which I expected to contain little more than the warranty (that comes on a separate card though) and usual production/safety info. It's better than that though! You get exclusive Razer stickers, as you can see in the above pictures.

So how much will this special edition lot set you back? It's not cheap, but there's no supplementary cost compared to Tumi's standard range. That's to say it's $895/€765 according to Razer (that'd be £650 by direct conversion, but don't be surprised if it's actually £895 in the UK). Maybe one reserved exclusively for eSports pros and travel LEET only after all, eh?

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