Quick Hit: Share your love of the beautiful game with this 'questionable' limited edition PS4 controller

I support PlayStation F.C, don't you?

What football team do you support? Is it PlayStation F.C? Because if it is, great news, you can now support your team with this limited Limited Edition PlayStation F.C. Dualshock 4 wireless controller.

The design includes a touch pad embossed with the penalty area lines, a PlayStation Shape-inspired tactic pattern, and, to finish it off, the official PlayStation F.C. crest.

Some have suggested these decals have been slapped on in a rather half-arsed manner - we couldn't comment on that.

It comes, exclusively, in this bold blue colourway (sorry Red Devil fans).

You can see more images of the controller here:

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Reception on the official PlayStation blog post has been mixed, with one reader commenting, "Gosh, it’s ugly as sin!" while another screamed, "Ahhhhhhh i want this…".

PlayStation has made it clear that the UK, Australia or New Zealand won't be getting the controller, but, if you don't live in those countries, you'll be able to pick up the limited edition game pad on the 29th September.

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