PSVR 2 games: what we're excited to play on Sony PlayStation VR 2

Sony recently announced PSVR 2, the update to PSVR for PS5, and these are the PSVR 2 games we can't wait to play

PS VR 2 Sony PlayStation VR 2
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Sony only just announced PSVR 2, the update to PlayStation VR, which will be released later in 2022 for PS5 owners, and we thought it would be a good idea to give a preview of the PSVR 2 games we know about already and can't wait to play. 

Now, before we start, its worth saying that we don't know exactly when PSVR 2 will be released (although 2022 looks very likely) and there are vanishingly few titles announced at this stage.

But, and it is a big but, lots of new PS5 games are now confirmed as coming in 2022 and Sony has officially confirmed that its approach with PSVR 2 titles is to make many of them tie-in experiences to non-PSVR 2 games, meaning we can predict a few things.

The PSVR 2 looks incredible from the demo Sony showed at CES 2022: and has now officially confirmed that it's going to deliver a 4K HDR display, 2000x2040 pixels-per-eye, 110-degree field of view, eye tracking, haptic feed, 90/120Hz refresh rates and much, much more.

There are no details on pricing or availability yet, but we expect PSVR 2 to be in line with PSVR and for games to be roughly the same price. 

Speaking of PSVR 2 games, though, let's jump into what PS5 gamers can start getting excited about.

Horizon Call of the Mountain 

Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR 2 game

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Sony previewed the sequel to the sequel of Horizon, Horizon Call of the Mountain, at CES 2022 and the game already looks excellent. Unlike the original game and forthcoming Horizon Forbidden West, you don't play as Alloy.

From the snippet of gameplay we've seen, Horizon Call of the Mountain looks amazing and will pop on the PSVR 2's 4K hardware, powered by the PS5. We can't wait to get lost among the jungles, deserts, forests, and other landscapes.

Details are scarce at the moment – understandable given that we haven't even seen Horizon Forbidden West yet – but check back to T3 for more over the coming months.

Grand Theft Auto 6 

GTA 6 PSVR 2 game

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What do we even need to say about Grand Theft Auto 6, the next instalment from Rockstar?

Very few details are known about the sequel to GTA 5, which took the franchise to the next level on PS4, but you can expect everything to be bigger, better, faster, and more violent. There are even rumours of a non-American location, such as London.

On PSVR 2, GTA 6 will absolutely pop and could become the era-defining VR game if Sony and Rockstar play their cards right.

God of War Ragnarök 

God of War Ragnarok PSVR 2 game

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If you've played God of War on PS4 then you'll know why we're excited about the PS5-specific update, scheduled to arrive later in 2022.

Sony previewed the sequel, God of War Ragnarök, last year and we've been excited ever since. Kratos and Atreus continue their quest, journeying deeper into the Nine Realms to uncover long-lost secrets.

It's going to be a lot of fun playing as Kratos in full flow in VR and we can't wait for the PSVR 2 release. Let's just hope we don't have to wait too long.

Saints Row: Welcome to Santo Illeso

Saints Row PSVR 2 game

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

If you've owned a PlayStation at any point is, well, the last two decades then you will have come across the Saints Row series in all its silly, fun, goofy glory.

Sony announced the sequel last year and Saints Row: Welcome to Santo Illeso comes out in February 2022, making it one of the most promising VR games that you can get your hands on relatively soon.

We're super excited for this one and can't wait to immerse ourselves in the game.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Lord of the Rings: Gollum PSVR 2 game

(Image credit: Daedalic Entertainment)

Not much is known about Lord of the Rings: Gollum besides the fact that it promises to be a very cool game, especially in the year that Amazon release their new Lord of the Rings series. 

The game was announced way back in January 2020, creating huge anticipation around its arrival. Could a game be more perfect for PSVR 2? 

Expect lots of beautiful Middle Earth scenes, creative gameplay, and everything else that made you fall in love with LOTR in the first place. 

Moss Book II

Moss Book 2 PSVR 2 game

(Image credit: Polyarc)

The original Moss was probably the best PSVR game released on the platform, so we've got high hopes for the officially announced sequel. Now, to be clear, this game has been announced for the PSVR not PSVR 2 but, well, why would a game that runs on the original PlayStation VR not run on the PSVR 2? Exactly.

Moss: Book 2 is releasing in "Spring 2022" so take that as you will. As for the story of the game, it picks up straight at the point the original ended, with the mouse protagonist Moss being chased by the big bad and their minions. Check out the trailer below for a taste of the game.

What other PSVR 2 games to expect

PSVR 2 game controllers

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There's plenty of more PSVR 2 games that we feel are nailed on for release, too, even if they haven't been officially announced.

Among Us VR is officially a thing and due to the popularity of that title we are fully expecting to see it on PlayStation VR 2, white VR tie-ins for Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, Hitman 3 and No Man's Sky also make sense.

Zenith: The Last City has also been much publicised for PSVR so we can't see its maker's RamenVR, not launching it on the new VR hardware. Hopefully we will here more about it soon.

Throughout 2022 as more PSVR 2 games are announced we will update this list accordingly, so be sure to check back in frequently to see what you should be putting on your PlayStation VR 2 games shopping list.

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