PS5 video: This is the re-imagined Sony PlayStation 5 of our dreams

This stunning PS5 design video shows how the Sony PlayStation 5 should of looked

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: ConceptCreator)

The official unveiling of the Sony PS5 console was a welcome relief for gamers, with the long-shrouded next-gen console finally seeing the light of day along with many PS5 games.

However, its futuristic looks divided opinion among gamers, with some believing it looked epic and like a piece of alien technology, and others unimpressed with what they said looked like nothing but a massive router.

Well, now, this stunning design video shows the PS5 that maybe Sony should of built.

The PlayStation 5 console in this video come courtesy of talented designer Concept Creator, and show both the PS5 and PS5 Digtial Edition re-imagined. The big differences in the design are that the console is smaller than the real life PS5 and that the full-fat PlayStation 5's disc drive is now located in its centre, rather than hung off the side of the chassis.

Obviously, the other major takeaway from this design is that the console also comes in a lovely jet black colorway, which looks shut-up-and-take-out money gorgeous. Hopefully Sony will follow suit and unveil an official black PS5 soon.

Here at T3 we are very much in the pro-PS5 design camp, however there is no denying that the PlayStation 5 consoles in this video do look amazing. We especially love the lines on the re-imagined PS5 Digital Edition, which tapers beautifully at the base.

What we think is fair to say, though, is that both the real and re-imagined PS5 look significantly more "gamer" than the more mature, understated Xbox Series X black tower. Was is interesting, too, is that both consoles seem to have been designed primarily for vertical orientation. Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 can obviously be placed horizontally, but from what we've seen they look better when stood up.

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Which makes us ask the question? How will gamers position their next-gen console of choice? Traditionally games console sat under TVs in cabinets, or to the side in a vertical orientation in a stand of some sort, such as the PlayStation 2 first made popular. Will the bold new looks of both consoles mean they take more prominent, visible positions in gamer setups? It will be interesting to find out when both the PS5 and Xbox Series X hit store shelves this winter holiday season.

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