PS5 to get this ultimate edition – but it'll cost you 🤑

PS5 leak points to an unexpected addition to the console lineup

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As we're heading towards the PS5 launch this November, which will go head-to-head with the Xbox Series X, we're still waiting for Sony and Microsoft to drop the details on their console prices and exact release dates.

We know that both companies will be debuting two versions of their hardware – one with a disc drive, and one all digital edition – and that the digital variants are expected to be around £100/ $100 cheaper, but a new titbit has emerged that points to a hefty upgrade with a price tag to match.

Online German retailer Otto reportedly advertised a PS5 Digital Edition with a whopping 2TB hard drive – something that hasn't previously been announced. GamePro spotted the listing and grabbed a screenshot, which you can take a gander at below. 

As well as the bump in storage, there's a hair-raising price tag attached of €974.79 which translates to £874/ $1,160.

PS5 Digital Edition 2TB price leak

(Image credit: GamePro)

We're not panicking too much over the price, as at this stage, any listing that appears before an official price has been announced is more than likely sporting a placeholder price tag in the interim. 

The 2TB model itself raises some questions however. PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny delved into the hardware's specs earlier this year, revealing that the console would feature a 825GB hard drive with an additional SSD slot for expansion (Samsung's upcoming PS5 compatible 980 Pro SSD looks like it could be the perfect fit).

As hotly debated in this Reddit thread on the subject, a straight 1TB or 2TB model seems unlikely based on the SSD 12 channel configuration. It's also questionable as Sony would have multiple PS5 SKUs at launch, which isn't impossible by any means, but it's doubtful.

On the other hand, 825GB is relatively small, especially for a digital only console. PS5 games are ultimately going to require more space than PS4 titles, and anything less than 1TB is going to fill up fast.

Either way, as with the PS4, we'd expect to see larger storage options at some stage, but not for double the price of the base level console. Rumours and leaks are pointing to a £449/ $499 price tag with the PS5 Digital Edition coming in at £349/ $399. Forking out twice that for the extra hard drive space isn't going to happen, especially with the option of boosting it with an external hard drive.

With PS5 pre-orders on the cusp of going live, it won't be too long before we get an answer from Sony itself. 

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