PS5 restock: here's why I'm checking Very, Currys and Argos ahead of Black Friday

More PS5 restocks are expected soon, so now's the time to switch on and find out where to buy PS5

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Following GAME's huge PS5 restock yesterday, which saw tens of thousands of consoles made available, my attention as T3's PS5 stock-tracker-in-chief has now turned to other UK retailers who are expected to get PS5 stock imminently.

PS5 restocks are expected any time now at:

Check for PS5 stock at Very
Check for PS5 stock at
Check for PS5 stock at
Check for PS5 stock at

Previously we were expecting to have to wait a little longer for PS5 restocks, but Sony then hired three extra jumbo jets to fly PlayStation 5 consoles into the country and, starting with GAME, these systems are now being made available.

Of all these retailers the word on the PS5 restock street is that Very is likely to go next, with consoles dropping as early as today, 5 November 2021 to coincide with the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard. That's why I'll be, from today, checking Very continuously for drops.

Argos, Currys and Amazon are also expected to get PS5 consoles within the next week or two in the run up to Black Friday deals, with whispers of launches next Tuesday and Thursday circulating. As ever, we won't know until the last minute when these drops are happening so I'm advising gamers right now to check in at these stores continuously to check for fresh stock.

Drops at these retailers make sense, too, considering when they last had drops, which was early to mid October. Very, for example, had a PS5 drop on October 19th, and with new stock typically going live every three weeks or so, that points to more console being made available imminently.

GAME had PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles in stock yesterday, which indicates to stock trackers right now that other retailers are going to have the same two-console offering when their units go live.

One thing that was really heartening to see at GAME was the amount of bundle deals on offer, with the PS5 disc console offered along with games, accessories and apparel. There were even bundles with the new red DualSense PS5 controller on offer.

Basically, from my point of view we're really heading into a key period over the next few weeks running up to Black Friday for PS5 restocks, as I think anyone who wants to guarantee they get their system before Christmas needs to bag one in November or face the reality that they won't get one this year.

Will there be PS5 consoles made available on Black Friday? I think so, but my gut tells me that these will not be in great supply and be used as adverts really to pull in punters to retailers' wider sales. I think that, ideally, gamers need to bag a PS5 before the core Black Friday days.

More stock will arrive in December, and if getting a system for Christmas isn't a priority then this will be another great time to bag a system, but I'm guessing many shoppers right now are looking for Santa to be delivering a PS5.

That makes the next few weeks critical for PS5 stock hunting, and that's why I'll be keeping my eyes glues to Amazon, Currys, Very and Argos. Drops at these retailers are guaranteed, and I don't want to miss out.

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