PS5 Pro specs leak shows a mighty upgrade, and we could get it in less than a year

The PlayStation 5 Pro could dominate next year's Christmas wishlists

Sony PlayStation 5 close-up of console and DualSense controller
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We recently got a new PlayStation 5 console, with the release of the slimmer, smaller variant with detachable disc drive, but the upgrade we've really been hoping for failed to emerge.

Fret not though, the long-rumoured PS5 Pro is heavily tipped to be coming in time for the holiday season next year instead. And, according to some new and tasty speculation, it could very well be worth waiting for.

A user on ResetEra's forums (via MySmartPrice) has listed some details they suggest are real. In addition, they list a September 2024 release date.

Now, it's hard to corroborate the leaked details as the user remains anonymous. However, renowned online leaker Tom Henderson has said that while he can't comment on other people's speculation, the timing is right for details to spill out. He revealed in a tweet that Sony has recently seeded dev kits to third-party developers, so even the company expects some specifications to get out there.

So, back to the actual leak and, if it does turn out to be genuine, we should expect a more powerful version of the PS5 that will be fabricated on TSMC's 4NP process node and have a 2GHz frequency target. There will also be AMD RDVA3 architecture.

This might not mean an awful lot to you, but the important bit is that it's a step-up from the existing models.

More important (and digestible) os that the leaker claims ray-tracing duties will be switched to dedicated hardware, enabling devs to more easily implement the technology in their games with less impact on resolution and frame rates.

The CPU will maintain the same zen2 architecture as the current PS5, for compatibility more than anything, but it will clock faster – at up to 4.4GHz, they claim. The existing console clocks at up to 3.5GHz.

The GPU will also be more capable. It's said to have a potentially lower frequency of up to 2.0GHz (down from 2.23GHz), but with 14.33 TFLOPs (over 10.28 TFLOPs).

The upshot is that the PS5 Pro will be more capable of running a stable (upscaled) 4K performance at higher than 30 frames per second.

Some have claimed that, if true, the generational leap between the PS5 Pro and PS5 will not be as great as between the PS4 Pro and PS4, but that's likely to be because the current PS5 is still a very powerful console that has some untapped potential. By the time the PS4 Pro had come around, the original PS4 was creaking at the seams.

It's really about context.

Of course, the leaked information could turn out to be a ruse, but it seems convincing enough without going overboard. And the details could feasibly have some from someone with access to a dev kit.

Still, keep your mind open and a salt shaker to hand just in case.

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