PS5 news: Sony PlayStation 5 reveal date blabbed by leaker

The design reveal date for the Sony PS5 has just broken cover, if the word of this loose-tongued leaker is to be believed

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Hype surrounding Sony's PlayStation 5 reached fever pitch before its ill-received "The Road to PS5" event back in March, only to leave gamers frustrated and disappointed with the console's no-show.

That then led to a series of concept designs for the console to be created, with each trying to visualise what the new PlayStation would look like, culminating just a few days ago with this heart-stoppingly beautiful system.

Right now, though, what the real PS5 system will actually look like and when it is going to be unveiled remain a total mystery.

That, though, could have just changed dramatically. That's because, as reported by established U.S. news publication BGR, a Twitter user who claims to have inside knowledge of Sony has just let slip exactly when the PS5 design is going to be unveiled.

Whoever the Twitter user is, they don't have any past form in accurately calling PS5 information ahead of time, so on the face of it this looks like a report to take with a healthy pinch of salt.

However, since posting that information on May 5, the leaking floodgates have well and truly opened, with the user proceeding to tweet a whole bunch of PlayStation 5-related info including details on pre-orders, the console's Boost Mode for PS4 games, and even which magazine is set to feature the official design on its cover.

Now, there is a chance this Twitter user is just making things up. However the detail that many of these tweets go into, on face value, add some weight to the proclamations.

Individual dates mentioning specific games, saying exactly when they will be ready to play in Boost Mode and the exact issue number of the PlayStation Official Magazine, along with its on sale date, which is going to show off the official design on its cover, all seems to tally up with when we would expect to see them.

The Boost Mode games, which all release in late November 2020 according to the leaker's tweets, sounds specifically spot on for a winter holiday season PlayStation 5 launch, for example.

If the leaker's comments are true, though, and the PlayStation 5 is to be unveiled on June 2, 2020, that means we now have less than a month until the console will be shown off. Exciting if true for PlayStation gamers the world over, who have been sitting and watching as Xbox gamers get treated almost every week to fresh Xbox Series X information, images and features.

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