PS5: Is this a sign that Sony will return to the black video game box art of the pre-PS4 era?

Fan-made mock-up shows how good it would look if Sony went back to black

PS5 console
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Sony unveiled its PS5 logo last month and it looks very similar to that of the PS4. While the logo hasn't changed much since the PS3, Sony did deviate somewhat with its current gen console with the colour palette. 

Historically, the video game box art for PlayStation, PS2, and PS3 games have sported the console's logo set against a black banner, but the console maker introduced a splash of colour with the PS4 and the now-iconic shade of blue we associate it with. Meanwhile, Microsoft has always stuck with its signature green over the years, even with its upcoming Xbox Series X which is predominantly black with a green glow visible at the top of the console tower.

But the logo reveal coupled with the official PS5 website - which just went live this week - has fans speculating that we might see a return to the black of yesteryear. 

PS5 fan-made box art mock-up

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One such fan is u/will-dearborn who posted their mock-up of the upcoming PS4 title, Ghost of Tsushima, as a PS5 title, swapping out the blue banner on the box for black. While the title hasn't been confirmed for PS5 yet, it's more than likely that we'll see the Samurai epic make its way to the new console.

The game was first announced in 2017 and we saw an absolutely stunning gameplay trailer the following year at E3 2018. We haven't heard much from developer SuckerPunch since, fuelling rumours that the game could have a dual PS4 and PS5 release, perhaps even as a launch title for Sony's console when it hits the market later this year. 

PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has already had a hands-on with the game, saying he's "overwhelmed" at how amazing it looks whenever he sits down to play it. 

While neither the game's next-gen release nor the PS5 colour-scheme have been officially confirmed, the mock-up looks very slick, and having dabbled with the blue colourway for one console life-cycle, Sony might be contemplating a return to its roots with the PS5.

We're expecting to see a slew of fantastic games following its debut, including Godfall, Call of Duty: Black Ops 5, and Cyberpunk 2077 - which CD Projekt has been somewhat coy about, but we're expecting to see it on the PS5 nevertheless. Check out T3's top PlayStation 5 titles to look forward to for more titbits. 

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