Sony PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima leaves PlayStation boss's jaw on floor

It's so beautiful his "hands stop", apparently

PlayStation PS5
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Ghost of Tsushima will look absolutely stunning on the PlayStation 5 (PS5). This is according PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida, who recently revealed that he's "overwhelmed" whenever he sits down to battle in the upcoming action-adventure title. Speaking to Japanese outlet Famitsu, Yoshida then went on to note that the scenes are so beautiful that he often stops to take in the scenery as if it were real.

To be clear, this isn't confirmation that the title is coming to PS5. Yoshida didn't reveal which console he's been using. But it's hard to imagine he wouldn't be trying out the latest console in PlayStation's pipeline, or that the much-anticipated Samurai epic wouldn't launch for the PlayStation 5. Rendered in either 4K Ultra HD or 8K Ultra HD (with HDR, of course), it would quite simply blow the competition out the water.

If you haven't been keeping up with the leaks and rumours, the PS5 is set to be an absolute beast of a console, bundling a high-end, eight-core, AMD Ryzen-based CPU, a purpose-built GPU, a custom-made 3D audio chipset and ultra-fast SSD storage to boot. It's also said to support 8K Ultra HD visuals and should work with the PlayStation VR — and PlayStation VR2, when it's announced — right out of the box.

The fact of the matter is PlayStation 5 titles will look unlike anything delivered on the PlayStation 4, so if Yoshida is in fact talking about his experience with the latter, we can't wait to see how it will perform on Sony's next flagship console. Unfortunately, we don't know how much longer we'll have to wait until the Japanese gaming titan takes the wraps off the PS5 (and the PS5 Pro, if it launches two models at the same).

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