PS5 DualShock 5 leak confirms one new feature we suspected was coming

A new patent lends weight to the rumours about PlayStation 5's much-anticipated controller

DualShock from PlayStation
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Now 2020 is here, PS5's big reveal doesn't seem like very far away. However, we're still getting new, exciting  information regarding Sony's next flagship console. The latest leak, showcasing new controller technology presumably headed for the DualShock 5, is just the latest tidbit of info we're seeing - and confirms a long-suspected rumour.

A new patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment in June was approved on Boxing Day. Discovered by Dutch outlet LetsGoDigital, the patent showcases a few new changes to the DualShock controller. 

The front of the design confirms a few things we've heard and seen before, such as the lack of the "home" PlayStation button and an expanded touchpad, which we saw on a leaked image of the dev kit. However, the patent dealing with the controller's rear provides a much more interesting look at things.

DualShock 5 PS5

(Image credit: Sony/LetsGoDigital)

The back buttons, which have been added to the existing DualShock 4 via a separately-sold attachment, look set to come as standard on the PS5. The existing attachment carries a button with an OLED display, allowing you to remap controls to fit any game style without going through the laborious "settings" process.

However, these two extra buttons (let's call them L4 and R4 for now) do look a little different. They'll probably be used for even greater in-game versatility, possibly as additional trigger. However, each button's housing looks like it contains a tiny touchpad, accessible to the middle fingers via the rear of the controller. 

Back button dualshock 4

The existing DualShock 4 back button

(Image credit: Sony)

What could these two buttons, pads or triggers possibly be for? Perhaps it's just a way of providing yet another layer of depth, or they could have a specific, universal function. Regardless, it looks innovative and exciting. 

We're sure to know more once the PS5's official reveal is here. Initially, we believed the console would be unveiled at E3 this year, but the unveiling of Xbox Series X at last year's Game Awards might put pressure on the Sony team to debut the console a little earlier. Nevertheless, the race is on over who can dominate the news cycle until holiday 2020. 

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