PS5 DualSense controller gets crucial upgrade from DualShock 4

The PS5's DualSense controller has had a lot of tweaks compared to last gen's DS4, but this upgrade is a doozy!

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Both the PS5 and its new, revamped DualSense controller have been revealed, and all we're waiting for now is confirmation of the price of the console - expected this month - and its peripherals.

The DualSense price reportedly leaked last week, and even though Sony has given us a good all around look at the device that has put questions about extra buttons or triggers to bed, there are still a few things that haven't been answered about the controller - but one of the most important aspects has seemingly just been addressed, and is great news for gamers.  

Twitter user Galaxy666 has uploaded a handful of photos of the DualSense, sharing details about the peripheral's battery capacity that suggests it's had an upgrade from the DualShock 4.

Galaxy666 claims to work for a company that designs and supplies accessories for console manufacturers, including Sony and Microsoft, saying that they're carrying out compatibility testing for the DualSense right now, which is how it's made its way into their possession. After conducting one such test, they report that the battery capacity is "much more" than that of the DS4.

The PS4's DualShock 4 launched with an 800mAh battery but was soon bumped up to 1000mAh; the DualSense's alleged 1560mAh battery is clearly a significant improvement - a whopping 50% increase on the DS4. However it may not translate to extra playtime, given that the controller has a number of new, power-consuming features, like the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers

Sony hasn't said much on the DualSense's battery front, but in its blog post introducing the controller, it stated:

"We also took thoughtful consideration into ways to maintain a strong battery life for DualSense’s rechargeable battery, and to lessen the weight of the controller as much as possible as new features were added."

Hopefully, we'll see an improved battery life, even with the added bells and whistles. 


The DualSense also left fans divided with the news that it won't be compatible with PS4  games, while the DualShock 4 won't work with PS5 games, and will only work with "supported PS4 games."   

Meanwhile, over at Microsoft, the Xbox Series X controller will be cross-gen compatible, as will the previous generation's controllers.

As Sony points out, its next gen games will take advantage of the DualSense's new features, so from a point of view of the gaming experience as a whole, the lack of cross-gen compatibility isn't that bad - but we do hope that the battery upgrade means we get more playtime between charges!  

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