PS5 Black Friday deals: Over 30% off one year PlayStation Plus membership

Sony's PS Plus membership gives you access to free games, discounts, online multiplayer, and a lot more

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As Christmas approaches, we're being treated to the annual sales event of the year: Black Friday deals are coming in thick and fast from retailers across the world, making this the perfect time to grab a new gadget or gizmo. Fresh off the PS5 launch, Sony is offering PlayStation Plus membership at a big discount.

The introduction of the PlayStation 5 is a big deal, marking the end of the PS4's long and successful reign and the introduction of stratospherically powerful consoles to everyday life. 8K gaming? Check. Ray tracing? Check. 120fps at 120Hz? Check. The PS5 is an absolute, PC-crushing beast.

One thing the PS5 can't do on its own, though, is play multiplayer online and that's where Sony's PlayStation Plus service comes in. Basically, if you want to play online, access discounts and exclusive games, and a bunch more besides, you'll need to subscribe to PS Plus right away.

Of course, PS Plus works with the PS4 and so if you're skipping the PS5, or just bought a PS4 on the cheap, it's still a very worthwhile investment.

Sony offers the standard monthly subscription but the best deal can be found when you pay for three or twelve months in advance from ShopTo.


PlayStation Plus | 12 months | £49.99 £32.85
ShopTo are currently offering over 30% off a one-year membership for PS Plus, letting you play multiplayer games with your friends, access exclusive games and content, and a lot more besides. It's rare you see this much off so don't miss out!


PlayStation Plus | 3 months | £19.99 £16.85
Don't want to commit a year? ShopTo are also offering a generous three months for a little under £17, a smaller saving but also about half the price of the 12 month deal. A good way to dip your toe in the world of PS Plus.

It's worth noting that Amazon is also offering 25% off one year of PS Plus, just in case ShopTo decides to stop the discount or sells out.

The bottom line is that if you're at all interested in online gaming, or accessing free games, deals, and discounts, then PS Plus is a no brainer for any Sony console owner, a calculation made even more simple by these big money-off deals.

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