Protein Prime Day deal: Amfit protein bars and supplements are SO cheap right now

Getting buff just got cheaper: browse the best protein bar deals and best protein supplement deals

Protein powder Prime Day deal: AMFIT protein bars and supplements are SO cheap right now
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Amazon Prime Day is here and along with it came LOADS of excellent Prime Day protein deals, such as this one where you can have up to 30% off Amfit Nutrition protein bars. There are other protein deals too: You can save up to 50% off SlimFast, Grenade, PhD Nutrition and other protein supplements as well.

• Shop all AMFIT protein bars, now 30% off (box of 12), prices from £11.60 at Amazon

AMIFT is Amazon's own nutrition brand and offers a 'value-for-money' option for people who would like to gain weight or lose belly fat efficiently. Not sure what to look out for when you buy supplements? Have a look at our best protein powder and best protein bar guides.

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Whatever your goal, there's a Prime Day fitness deal for you - so snap up a bargain today. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are also coming already, better bookmark those pages too.

Amfit Nutrition Low Sugar Protein Bar | On sale for £11.60 | Was £17.05 | You save £5.45 at Amazon

Amfit Nutrition Low Sugar Protein Bar | On sale for £11.60 | Was £17.05 | You save £5.45 at Amazon
Each 60-gram protein bar has less than 200 calories, and delivers 19 grams of muscle building protein. The Amift bars contain less than 1 gram of sugar and less than 20 grams of carbohydrates and only 5.2 grams of fat. Choose from six different flavours including Cookies & Cream and Jaffa Cake. Offer ends midnight 14 October!

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