Prime Video's upcoming Bond adventure sounds like the perfect game show

Brian Cox is the perfect Bond villain

007: Road to a million
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Let's be honest, we've all imagined ourselves as James Bond. Even at the age of 28, whenever I wear cufflinks my first instinct is to talk into them like a superspy reporting top-secret intel. Just me? 

If you love a bit of Bond, but also a good gameshow then you might just work for Amazon Prime Video. It's not quite how most of us imagined the Bond world returning after No Time To Die, but I have to admit the trailer for 007: Road to a Million has got me counting the days till release (November 10th). This isn't a mere homage to the series either, it's officially licensed, and if the theme music isn't that classic Bond riff, I'll be livid.

The premise of the show sees nine pairs of contestants re-enacting classic bond moments, undergoing physical challenges and proving their knowledge to earn up to a million pounds for each team. Seeing an ordinary person walking on the roof of a train Skyfall style or jumping from a crane like the opening of Casino Royale sounds like fascinating TV.  The only problem is Brian Cox, proving that he really should have been a Bond villain by now. 

He plays The Controller, an antagonistic sort who just so happens to distribute the prize money and Cox has openly spoken of the enjoyment he took in being a "villain and tormentor". Logan Roy who? 

If you fancy yourself as a wannabe 007, you'll be pleased to know that season 2 of the show has already been confirmed and auditions are now open. Just be prepared for your toughest mission yet. 

With Squid Game also launching its own reality show variant in November, Squid Game: The Challenge, I wonder what other shows and franchises could get the same treatment? Perhaps a Dr Who inspired adventure through space and time, or a Game of Thrones dating show... actually never mind. 

Andy Sansom
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