Get this early Prime Day Star Wars Echo Dot deal and the force will be with you

Up to 41% off an Echo Dot and Darth Vader, Stormtrooper or Grogu stand

Echo Dot with Star Wars stands
(Image credit: Amazon)

The force will be with you always if you choose this early Amazon Prime Day deal.

Amazon has lightsabered the prices of its Star Wars edition, fifth-generation Echo Dot bundle. You can get the black Echo Dot with the Darth Vader stand, white Dot with a Stormtrooper, or blue model with the head of The Mandalorian's Grogu with a great discount.

There's 30% off the Vader and Stormtrooper versions, with a mighty 41% off the Baby Yoda variant. That means they start at just $45.98 - less than the usual price of the Echo Dot (5th Gen) on its own.

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with The Mandalorian Baby Grogu stand:  was $77.98

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with The Mandalorian Baby Grogu stand: was $77.98, now $45.98 at Amazon
Now you can go travelling with Baby Grogu thanks to this Echo Dot deal. You get the fifth-gen Alexa-enabled speaker plus a neat stand based on the much-loved companion of the Mandalorian.

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Darth Vader stand:  was $89.98

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Darth Vader stand: was $89.98, now $62.98 at Amazon
As well as the charcoal version of the Echo Dot (5th Gen) you get the head of a Sith Lord to place it in. One neat touch is that, when lit, the blue ring at the bottom of the Echo shines through Vader's eyes.

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Stormtrooper stand:  was $89.98

Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Stormtrooper stand: was $89.98, now $62.98 at Amazon
It makes sense to pair the glacier white version of the Echo Dot with a Stormtrooper's helmet. And, like the Darth Vader version, the eyes on this model also light up when the Echo is in use.

The Echo Dot Star Wars bundle deal is exclusive to Amazon Prime members and will run until Wednesday 12  July 2023 - the end of Prime Day. It could also sell out, of course.

If you're not already, you can sign up for a Prime subscription for free for 30-days, keep it until after the sales period, and then ditch it again before the first payment is due.

However, you might also want to stick with it - after all, you get so many benefits other than just access to deals. There is free, speedy shipping, Prime Video, Amazon Music streaming, free games through Prime Gaming, and so much more.

If you do decide to retain membership once the trial period is up, Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 for a year.

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