Pre Amazon Prime Day bargain: this Parrot Mambo Mission drone is HALF PRICE

Top Currys deal for drone-racing enthusiasts: get the perfect starter drone with FPV Goggles today

amazon prime 2019 parrot drone deal
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What if Amazon Prime Day 2019 came early? If it did, it would most likely include this amazing Currys drone deal.

Have you ever been toying with the idea to try out drone racing? Parrot has the solution for you: the Parrot Mambo Mission Drone with Flypad controller and FPV Goggles Bundle is perfect if you are looking for a cheap drone to start your drone racing career with.

Currys has a killer deal on the Parrot Mambo Drone Bundle – buy one today for £99, which is better than half price!

The bundle includes the Mambo Mission Drone with HD 720p recording and streaming capabilities, as well as a Flypad controller and the first-person-view goggles – all for under £100. The little flyer can also function as a Bluetooth operated drone, should you prefer to use your smartphone instead of the controller.

Just pop on your Parrot Cockpitglasses 2 FPV goggles and see through the eyes of your drone. Thanks to the built-in camera, you can truly experience the 40mph maximum speed of the drone.

Don't want to race around with the Parrot Mambo Drone? Attach the cannon to the top using the intuitive brick connectors and shoot cannonballs at various targets, whether that's paper cups or a bulls eye to practice your aim.

There is also a grabber at the bottom of the drone which can lift up smaller objects. Great way to practice precision drone flying!

The batteries last for just under 10 minutes and can be charged in 30 minutes, making the Parrot Mambo Drone the ideal starter drone.

Entry level drones won't get much better than this.

Parrot Mambo Mission Drone with Flypad Controller & FPV Goggles Bundle | Was £199 | Now £99 | Save £100it might run out of stock soon so head over to Currys today!

Parrot Mambo Mission Drone with Flypad Controller & FPV Goggles Bundle | Was £199 | Now £99 | Save £100
Parrot Mambo Drone £100 off at Currys. Bundle includes drone, Flypad controller, Cockpitglasses 2 FPV goggles and cannon attachment. Available for FREE home delivery and collection in store. Being the amazing deal it is, it might run out of stock soon so head over to Currys today!

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