PlayStation's Black Friday sale to include massive PS Plus price drop – here's when it starts

Big bargains on games and merch too

PlayStation 5 Christmas scene
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Sony has announced that the annual PlayStation Black Friday sale will kick off this Friday, 17 November 2023. And it will be a great time to renew your PlayStation Plus membership.

That's because one of the highlights of the sale will be up to 30% off a 12-month PS Plus plan.

The promotion will run from 17 to 27 November and those new to PS Plus can get almost a third-off annual membership, while current PS Plus members can upgrade their plans for less. There will be 25% off when upgrading from Essential to Extra, 30% off when upgrading to Premium (or Deluxe in Australia and New Zealand).

Also available during the Black Friday period will be up to 20% off apparel, merchandise, and other goodies from the PlayStation Gear store. While some of the biggest PlayStation 5 and PS4 games will receive equally huge discounts on the PlayStation Store.

There's no word yet on whether there will be bargains to be had on DualSense controllers. I'm particularly interested to see if the DualSense Edge gets a discount – it's one of the best pro gamepads around.

What is PS Plus?

PlayStation Plus is Sony's console membership plan that's available to PS5 and PS4 owners. There are three subscription tiers that offer increasing levels of benefits, with the first – Essential – giving users the ability to play the vast majority of PlayStation games online. It also rewards members with roughly three free games per month.

The next tier – Extra – adds a downloadable collection of games to play at no extra cost. These include some recent titles, blockbusters and a whole load of great archive titles.

The final tier – Premium – adds an additional library of classic and retro games to play, either by downloading them or streamed via the cloud. It also gives players the option to play some of the most recent games via cloud streaming to avoid having to install them to the internal storage.

PS Plus Premium subscribers can also stream a curated library of movies for free via the Sony Pictures Core app.

There is a final tier that's just for PlayStation console owners in Australia and New Zealand. PS Plus Deluxe is essentially the same as Premium elsewhere, but with no cloud gaming options.

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