PlayStation owners get another Apple TV+ treat

Another free trial for both PS4 and PS5 owners

Apple TV+ running on a PS5 console
(Image credit: Apple)

It's not often that you get something for nothing these days, but if you have a PlayStation you can get another free hit of Apple TV+.

There are already a couple of ways to try Apple TV+ for free but at a time when some streaming services are cracking down on users' freeloading habits, Apple TV+ has instead extended its free trial deal with Sony.

This isn't the first time the two companies have teamed up either. In July 2021, they offered six months free for PS5 owners. PlayStation's own website has confirmed PS5 owners will be treated to another six-month period, but now PS4 owners can also get streaming, albeit only for three months. Still, a nice little freebie for old console owners. 

Silo on Apple TV Plus

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple TV+ has a lot more to watch now too. If you started Ted Lasso in 2021, you'll be happy to know there are three seasons now, but also there are a host of award-winning shows and movies worth your time now. With the likes of Silo, Severance and Slow Horses, Apple TV+ is definitely one of the best streaming services around.

To claim the trial (which runs until the 31st of July), gamers should download the Apple TV App on their console and from there all you need is a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID (which you can also create fresh).  You don't have to watch Apple TV+ solely through the PlayStation App either, but you must download it via your PS5 or PS4. 

Honestly, even if you don't think you'll find something you like, this is a rare freebie in today's world with no real strings attached, only that if you are an existing subscriber, you can't take up this offer. Who knows, if the Apple/Sony love-in continues, perhaps one day we could see Apple TV+ and PlayStation Plus bundled together? 

Andy Sansom
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