Philips Hue’s Black Friday sale is on. Here are the best smart home buys

The annual Hue Black Friday deals have arrived early this year. Here are the best discounts on Philips Hue smart lights

Philips Hue smart home lights in a living room
(Image credit: Hue Lounge)

I was an early adopted of Philips Hue lights, and they're still my pick of the best smart lighting: as a renter they enable me to redecorate my entire flat without invoking the wrath of my landlord, and as a streamer and gamer they add plenty of atmosphere to everything on my TV. But they're not cheap, so events such as the annual Hue Black Friday deals offer significant savings.

This year's deals have arrived early, and there are some good discounts on key products. 

Save up to 30% on Hue bulbs and products

The discounts are already live on and they include:

  • Save 30% on selected Hue bulbs and light strips, including white and colour bulb 2-packs with E27, B22 and GU10 fittings and the 1m lightstrip extension;
  • Save 25% on outdoor and mood lighting including the Lily outdoor spotlight, the latest Go portable light and the Play Light Bar double pack;
  • Save 30% on the Hue Smart Plug, single and 3-pack GU10s and on various white and white and colour bulbs including LED filament bulbs

The discounts are pretty generous but they're not available on everything: my beloved Play Sync HDMI box, which extends colours from my Apple TV 4K, Xbox Series X and PS5 beyond my TV, is still full price and so is the gradient lightstrip it connects to. But there are good discounts even on very new products such as the Signe gradient floor and table lamps, so if you're looking for the very best smart lighting for less money these deals are well worth checking out.

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